The best Side of Church of Scientology

When I 1st contacted Tommy Davis, last April, he expressed a reluctance to speak, indicating that he experienced now invested per month responding to Paul Haggis. “It designed minimal distinction,” he reported. “The last thing I’m serious about is dredging all this up once more.

Brousseau claims that his defection triggered anxiousness, in part mainly because he had labored with a number of Unique assignments for Tom Cruise. Brousseau preserved grounds and properties with the Gold Foundation.

“The entire process of induction is so prolonged and gradual that you actually do persuade on your own of the truth of Many of these things which don’t seem sensible,” Haggis advised me. Although he refused to specify the contents of O.T. materials, on the bottom that it offended Scientologists, he claimed, “If they’d sprung this stuff on me After i first walked inside the doorway, I just would've laughed and still left right away.” But by the point Haggis approached the O.

There exists a “Discover of Separation” inside the data, nevertheless it isn't the one which Davis sent me. The dissimilarities in the two documents are telling. The St. Louis doc signifies that Hubbard attained 4 medals for company, However they reflect no difference or valor.

wrote, when the planet Earth, then termed Teegeeack, was part of a confederation of ninety planets beneath the Management of the despotic ruler named Xenu. “Then, as now, the supplies condition, the Main difficulty was overpopulation.” Xenu determined “to just take radical actions.” The documents stated that surplus beings have been transported to volcanoes on Earth.

Davis spoke about Gerry Armstrong, a former Scientology archivist who copied, without the need of permission, lots of the church’s data files on Hubbard, and who settled within a fraud go well with from the church in 1986. Davis charged that Armstrong had forged most of the documents that he afterwards disseminated in order to discredit the church’s founder. He also alleged that Armstrong experienced distribute rumors of a 1967 letter wherein Hubbard explained to his spouse that he was “ingesting a great deal of rum and popping pinks and grays” though researching the Functioning Thetan material.

I asked Hawkins why he hadn’t known as the police. He jogged my memory that church users think that Scientology holds the key to salvation: “Only by dealing with Scientology will you attain spiritual immortality. You'll be able to go from everyday living to existence to existence with out being cognizant of what is going on.

In the Assembly, Davis introduced up Jack Parsons’s black-magic society, which Hubbard experienced supposedly infiltrated. Davis said, “He was sent in there by Robert Heinlein”—the science-fiction writer—“who was functioning off-book intelligence operations for naval intelligence at some time.” Davis stated, “A biography that just came out 3 months back on Bob Heinlein basically confirmed it at a amount that we’d never been capable to prior to.

The Good friend started warning Many others, “Katy is ‘1.1.’ “ The number refers to your sliding Tone Scale of psychological states that Hubbard printed in a very 1951 reserve, “The Science he has a good point of Survival.” Someone categorised “one.1” was, Hubbard explained, “Covertly Hostile”—“quite possibly the most dangerous and wicked degree”—and he noted that folks During this condition engaged in such matters as relaxed intercourse, sadism, and homosexual exercise. Hubbard’s Tone Scale, Haggis wrote, equated “homosexuality with currently being a pervert.” (These kinds of remarks don’t look in recent editions with the book.)

received what archivists certain us had been Hubbard’s comprehensive armed service data—a lot more than nine hundred pages. Nowhere during the file is there point out of Hubbard’s currently being wounded in fight or breaking his toes.

In 1966, Hubbard—who by then had achieved and married An additional woman, Mary Sue Whipp—set sail with A few Scientologists. The church says that staying at sea offered a “distraction-free setting,” permitting Hubbard “to continue his investigation into your higher amounts of spiritual recognition.” Within a yr, he had acquired a number of oceangoing vessels.

We talked over the allegations of abuse lodged from Miscavige. “The only real people who will corroborate are their fellow-apostates,” Davis said. He produced affidavits from other Scientologists refuting the accusations, and mentioned the tales about Miscavige often hinged on “inexplicable violent outbursts.

. The accompanying post lauded his rising impact in Hollywood. He had escaped the cartoon ghetto following advertising a script to “The Love Boat.” He had climbed the ladder of community tv, why not find out more crafting films from the week and kids’s reveals just before settling into sitcoms.

Throughout auditing, Haggis grasped a cylindrical electrode in Each individual hand; when he 1st joined Scientology, the electrodes have been vacant soup cans. An imperceptible electrical demand ran from your meter as a result of his entire body. The auditor requested systematic thoughts targeted recommended you read at detecting resources of “spiritual distress.

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